Международный технологический форум
«Инновации. Технологии. Производство»
20-21 апреля 2023 года
г. Рыбинск, Ярославская область

You are kindly invited to take part in the VII International Technological Forum "Innovations. Technologies. Manufacturing".

The key subject of the VII International Technological Forum "Innovations. Technologies. Manufacturing" is "Digital Industry. Availability. Applicability. Prospectives". In the course of a joint discussion the key participants of the event - managers, experts, leading specialists and analysts of high-technology companies, scientific and educational organizations, representatives of federal executive authorities – will identify "the level of preparedness of the Russian industry for digitalization", current bottlenecks in the digital transformation of an industrial company, will share the best practices of applying advanced manufacturing technologies.".

Guests invited to the ITF "Innovations. Technologies. Manufacturing" -2020: heads and profile deputies of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, top-managers of state corporations and holding companies, rectors of higher education institutions in the key regions of United Engine Corporation's location (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, the Yaroslavl, Samara, Omsk and Perm Regions, the Republic of Bashkortostan).

You can find information for Forum participants (transfer, accommodation, reminder for a participant) on the page "How to get. If you are planning to make a speech at Forum events, please address your request to the moderators of section, see the Program for the moderators' contact details.



  • Technologies and Software Products
  • Digital Platforms
  • Information Security
  • Standardization and Regulatory Control
  • State Support Measures
Technologies and Software Products

Research, development, production and employment of technological solutions, software and hardware complexes in advanced manufacturing technologies, thus facilitating the competitiveness of leading domestic companies on global markets and in high-tech industries (first of all, digital design and simulation technologies, additive technologies, new materials, sensorics, advanced robotics, Industrial Internet, Big Data, CNC- technologies).

Digital Platforms

Systems (tooling, infrastructure, application ones) enabling users to work within a shared IT environment, which is sure to cut transactional costs by applying a package of digital technologies for data handling, business process optimization, technologies enhancing the efficiency of goods and services supply chains and modifying the labour distribution system.

Information Security

Providing the security for a person, a company, a society and a state against internal and external information threats, thus ensuring constitutional rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen, adequate quality and standards of living, the sovereignty and sustainable social and economic development of the Russian Federation.

Standardization and Regulatory Control

Establishment of a new regulatory environment ensuring a legal regime favourable for the creation and development of state-of-the-art technologies as well as for economic activity associated with their application.

State Support Measures

Consideration of national initiatives related to the support of leading research centres (LRS) the work program of which is aimed at developing "end-to-end" digital technologies by introducing the obtained results of intellectual activity into the economic activity of LRD partners and by implementing digital transformation of priority branches of economy and the social sector.

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